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You have your own cargo unit, cargo van or straight truck

A cargo unit needs to be provided to you by Carrier or fleet owner

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You can get these from Radio Shack, Wal-Mart, Best Buy or just about anywhere. Keep in mind don't expect to power up any big electric items on this unless it is a larger "peak watt". Smaller units under $25.00 will only power up small electric items like laptops, a coffee maker or TV, etc. A larger unit like the Sears Power Supply will have built in jumper cables, air compressor and USB ports. Small Honda generators for example can power small to medium heaters, smaller microwaves and electric blankets. These generators produce fumes and must remain chained to your bumpers to prevent theft. these generators can often run on a gallon of fuel or less after being ran all night and power all your electric appliances


A cooler for food/left over's. This is nice so you can buy grocery items vs going out to eat all the time which can be expensive. Best Buy and other places also have small refrigerators you can plug into your DC outlet or inverter. These should be able to stay cool enough over night to where they do not have to be plugged in and begin the cooling process again while driving with your next load.


A small electric single (or double) burner stove. These you can get at most large grocery stores or camping stores. These come in handy for cooking meals. Or get an electric skillet with a lid.


A carbon monoxide detector (if you idle your motor).


Any or all TV, radio, DVD player, for entertainment during layovers.


YMCA membership and/or a KOA campground membership. These are nice for weekend (or during the week) layovers. A YMCA membership is good anywhere in the USA and no extra charge. There are YMCA's located all over the US and many in larger cities. While on the road, keep clean, swim, workout and this may be a tax deductible expense as well so check with your tax advisor. YMCA'S will cost typically for an adult individual about $1.20 a day for an annual membership. Use their showers in conjunction with the free showers you earn at truck stops or just go to the truck stops if they are closer than the YMCA. Campgrounds are nice because they have showers, pools, BBQ set
ups, electric hook ups, laundry, showers and more. These two types of methods are cheaper than motels and your family can use them as well. The YMCA can be fairly reasonable and your family can use them as well if you get the family plan. Those are around $1.97 a day for an annual membership.


These are nice for paying bills online while away from home. If you have a computer at home (a regular tower) you can bring this with so long as you have an inverter to plug it into. You can now get the smaller laptops for less than $100.00. Ebay is a good place to find good deals, if you know what you are looking for. Watch the sale papers for good deals. Power these items with inverters or your cigarette lighter power source.


There are several ways in which to get online while over the road. check the sale papers and Internet for good deals.


In the cold months (November-Mid March) it's recommended to have at least one heat source for your cargo unit, blankets or electric blankets for sleeping, gloves, boots and other cold weather gear. Even a shovel if you ever need to clear the wheels of snow if your stuck. If you have a generator
outside your cargo unit to power heaters, this will prevent idling and wasting excessive fuel. If you have a TV, laptop, coffee maker etc., all these items are heat sources when your using them,
reducing or eliminating idling. Of course, having (cargo vans) your cargo unit insulated helps retain heat from heat producing items. You can use regular insulation or have spray foam insulation applied to the inside of your cargo areas. Ask our friendly recruiters for more details on this or where to find vendors to do this for you.


Major truck stop points card. Loves, Flying J, TA, etc., all have fueling cards for fueling now. Just like the big trucks, you can now get free meals and / or free showers. Simply stop at these facilities while out on the road, fill out a form and get issued your points card. You can have more than one card as there are several chains that offer this. Check for current information and programs. (last we checked - for every 20 gallons of fuel you purchase, you earn 1/2 a shower). So for every 40 gallons you purchase, you earn a free shower or a meal. Save your shower / meal points and save money. If you don't already have one, you'll run across these and other chains quite often so simply stop and join in their free programs. This is their way of saying thanks trucker, for your business. Even expedited cargo vans can join these programs for both gasoline or diesel fuel purchases.


We recommend the Honda EU 2000i Inverter. These are around $1,000.00 but will power multiple items. Honda has larger ones with more outlets but this should be sufficient. It can power heaters, TV's, blenders, microwaves, etc. A gallon of gas will run this for about 22 hours straight. These are kept OUTSIDE your unit, well ventilated. Simply chain these to your bumper while in use / parked. Used ones are less and can be found cheaper on Ebay - some even new.


We recommend you consider having some form of printer/copier/scanner. These are inexpensive and will prevent you from driving to truck stops to fax or email your Bill of Ladings which are required after each delivery. Granted you can have the consignees fax them for you but it's just as easy to outfit your cargo unit like your home office when your out and about.

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