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Job description and Wage information

You have your own cargo unit, cargo van or straight truck

A cargo unit needs to be provided to you by Carrier or fleet owner

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Independent Contractor positions open now:

Owner Operators (WITHOUT their own cargo unit) -

If you have your own unit, click on the "Your Own Unit" link now, your
on the wrong info page.

These positions driving a PROVIDED cargo unit are all OTR.

Call our friendly recruiters to see if there any current openings.

*CARGO VAN: 3/4 ton HD / 8600# GVWR cargo van
*CARGO VAN: 1 ton cargo van
*CUBE VAN (CARGO VAN): Cube van under 10,000# GVWR
*DOCK HIGH STRAIGHT TRUCK: With or without a sleeper
*Tractor w/trailer: Occasionally, tractors with trailers, (with
sleepers) become available.

OTR only.

Call our friendly recruiters for current info and openings.


Revised 3/5/13