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You have your own cargo unit, cargo van or straight truck

A cargo unit needs to be provided to you by Carrier or fleet owner

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Independent Contractor positions open now: Owner Operators (with their own cargo units) and Driver only (having a cargo unit issued to them by a carrier or fleet owner) - Positions are available now in both cases.

Home time:
If you own your own cargo unit, your in command of the unit exclusively, your home time can be daily, the weekends or whatever you choose.

If you are driving one supplied by a carrier or fleet owner, you will
be expected to maximize on OTR road time. Home time will come but no one can say for sure and predict future events, but there is a clue in those 3 words "Over The Road"...

OTR drivers will make more money than local drivers due to the
distance of miles and less dead heading. OTR drivers will most likely maximize on miles and most likely run a very efficient operation.

Qualifications: Job Requirements:
The required qualifications for this position include but are not limited to:

  • Acceptable driving record
  • Ability to pass a background check
  • Ability to pass pre and random drug and alcohol tests
  • Ability to enjoy local and / or over the road driving
  • Ability to operate ones own personal business in an efficient manner

Items recommended / to be considered (but not required) having to
create a smooth and efficient operating business (if you have your own cargo van or straight truck, OR NOT) would be - modern day technology, as follows:

Email on the road. Often times you'll want to communicate with your carrier or fleet owner and it's best if you can do this at any time.
You will periodically need to communicate with your carriers
accounting departments regarding wages and often times their times are limited so if you can email any time, this is best.

A computer tower or laptop in your unit on the road (around $99.00 at Wal Mart for compact laptops). If you have a computer with Wi-Fi, you can access hot spots all over with free Internet access to pay bills online, scan BOL's and email or fax and you can do these things without the need of an air card using free Wi-Fi. A CD player is nice to download dollar movies from Netflix.

A printer, copier, scanner combination for on the road (around $35.00 at Office Depot). If you do not have a computer with scanning and / or faxing capability, you will most likely encounter unnecessary expenses when required to immediately email or fax BOL's into your carrier. It is common place nowadays that carriers need their signed BOL's immediately or shortly thereafter each delivery.

A compact regular or flat screen HD TV, CD/VCR

A compact cooking skillet / stove of some type to have home cooked meals to save money and eat right while on the road

A YMCA membership card (can be used anywhere in the USA) for showers, working out, swimming and other activities in between loads). A yearly single cost is about $450.00 (about $1.25 a day or a family membership is about $700.00 yearly / $1.91 a day cheaper with a company (about $410.00 a year). Truck stops are nice but Y's are nicer with more amenities.

Truck stop fuel "points" cards (any size van or truck). There is a new
program out there for TA, Flying J, Loves truck stops and others. They now have these plastic cards (like a credit card) and you can get points on them each time you purchase fuel from them, gas or diesel. You just go inside and fill out the form and they activate the card for you right away. Every 50 gallons of fuel you get points for a free shower and / or meal (check with truck stops for current offerings). This way if you don't have a Y membership or one is not as close as these places, get your shower there daily WITHOUT having to pay for it. If there's one by your house, get it now or get them as you encounter them, but get them all set up or get one for each truck stop for convenience sake.

Also, if you don't have a debit card from your bank or credit union,
apply for one asap as they normally take about 7-10 days to get in the mail. This debit card will allow you to make ANY type of purchase by swiping the card. Fuel, food, groceries whatever. Most carriers and fleet owners will direct deposit your wages right into your checking or savings account for you and your money is easily accessible wherever you are at any time.

A cooler for left overs, ice, soda's, a gallon of milk etc..
Coleman sells a heater / cooler combination at most camp outlets.

Use your imagination to make your time on the road more enjoyable!

Expediting is a great way to make a living if it's just a temporary
situation or a permanent one, even if your retired and want to see the country and get paid while your doing it.

With your own unit or having one provided to you, your an Independent Contractor and are issued a 1099 at the end of the year.

Results will vary in everyone's success in any business endeavor so ask questions, get your self up to speed, we're here to help coach you so you can make an informed decision...

If your considering going OTR as an Independent Contractor, here's
some things to think about:

Your your own boss. As long as you do the right things, you should do very well.

You will get plenty of time off. Normally (but not always), you'll
have most weekends off.

Working hours during the year: You can expect the major holidays to be off of work. Expect to be off the 9 major holidays each year. These major holidays, most factories / manufacturing environments are shut down.

You'll enjoy having off:
New years, the birthday of Martin L. King Jr., Memorial Day,
Independence day (and the first 2 weeks of every July), Labor Day,
Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Additionally, many of these holidays above will enable you to also
have the day before and the day after - each one of these specific

Holidays and factories / manufacturing don't mix very well so the
weeks of these holidays above, you can expect some extra time off just before and after these holidays.

The months from late November through the first week of January are not the best times to join and start hauling expediting freight,
simply due to the sheer volume of holidays. Not to mention the middle to the end of each June (due to the slowdown / shutdown) regardless of who the carrier is.

Use your imagination
to make your time on the road more enjoyable!