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Job description and Wage information

You have your own cargo unit, cargo van or straight truck

A cargo unit needs to be provided to you by Carrier or fleet owner

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At ERC, our goal is to help you communicate your availability and
desires to expedite recruiters to secure a position with their
company in regards to driving a cargo unit of a fleet owner or
company vehicle that "they provide" or using "your" cargo van or
straight truck for the purpose of transporting expedited freight
throughout the United States or locally (when available).

Your first impression is better served by filling out a detailed
online application that accurately represents your unique identity
and desires in the most effective way possible but also conveys an
image and attitude of your personality, level of ambition and work

By submitting an application, you'll be able to have your application
pushed to the forefront of our recruiters desk tops. We at ERC seek
to provide a custom tailored online application solution that not
only appeals to you but our participating expedited carrier
recruiters as well.

Your information is guaranteed not to be shared or divulged in any
way with any other third party other than that of an expedite carrier
in our system. Those same carriers will never share or divulge your
personal information to any other party as well.

Your personal information will always be held in strict confidence.

Apply online and have your application immediately submitted to a
hiring carrier. A response is generally immediate M-F during normal business hours or the next business day if on a weekend / holiday.

Note that the application is quite comprehensive and will seek to
validate in part:

A. If you have your own cargo unit to use for expedited deliveries and if you want to run exclusively for one carrier or multiples

B. If you do not have - your own cargo unit and wish to have one
provided for you

C. Your home time requirements

D. If you desire local or (OTR) over the road driving

E. Your experience if any, will yield certain pay scales so be sure to
list any driving experience you may have (though not required to have experience), especially, with that of actual "expediting" carriers

F. If you have a checking or savings account. This is asked in order
to determine if your wages and / or daily fuel cash advances can be
coordinated easily and rapidly. This is the most efficient method to
get your wages, via direct deposit right into your account. Checking
or savings accounts are easily set up at a bank or credit union of
your choice and you may also obtain debit cards in order to purchase fuel and other necessities from your account. Also, to pay personal or business bills on line.

Finally, most of the time, if you have your own unit or not, it
"normally" only takes only a day, or two, to get you to work, meeting
typical eligibility requirements.

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